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Teeifuka Foundation has an office in the United States of America

USA is established in 2009 on July 30 in Acworth, Georgia USA. Teeifuka USA is the third division of this foundation. Teeifuka was first founded in 2003 in the Netherlands, then in 2005 in Suriname and in July 2009 in the United States of America. Teeifuka tries within this triangle in the world together with the local population in the upper Suriname area to perform development work. Kenneth and Glenn Adipi are born and raised in the upper Suriname area and now live in the United States of America . Together with their wives en children they tried to do something good for the people in their region of birth. Winette Adipi-Pinas, and Patricia Adipi-Alfred support this initiative wholeheartedly and are part of the administration of Teeifuka USA. If you live in the United States of America and you want to do something for the people in the upper Suriname area, you can contact Teeifuka USA:

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Winette Adipi, Address: 226 Brookhaven Court Acworth, GA 30102; T: +16785740886 ; E: jeekenn@bellsouth.net

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Patricia Adipi, Address: 4520 BlackHills Dr. Acworth GA, 30101; T: +17709753859 ; E: patikake@bellsouth.net

Donations: give all to account :1010252984170 at Wachovia Bank to Kenneth Adipi of the Teeifuka charity.



  Kenneth Adipi, Roël Lugard and Glenn Adipi                   Winette                         Kenneth                       Patricia                       Glenn

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The cooperation partners:

Foundation development projects in the middle of Surinam, shortened Teeifuka in Holland

chamber of commerce number: 08120461; set up in 2003; bank account number:  9697935

Bazuinpad 7, 3845 DX HARDERWIJK in the Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 341 423127 / +31 (0) 6 51111299; E: tfknederland@teeifuka.nl; W: www.teeifuka.nl




Foundation Teeifuka in Surinam

chamber of commerce number: 43389, foundation register number:  10109; set up in 2005,  Finabank: 1338953-EURO

Livornoweg 31, district Wanica, area Indira Gandhiweg in Surinam

T: +597 8529626/+597 482621; E-mail: tfksuriname@teeifuka.nl


Who have as a goal:

To work together to develop projects in the upper Surinam area, where the Saamaka tribe live in rural communities and aim especially at supporting the education process. They do this by means of pre-school activities for children of 2-5 years of age; which stimulates local economic activities, creates employment and the promotion of living in the inland country. They try to end poverty by encouraging people to donate goods and stimulating the promotion of trading between the people in the upper Surinam area and other parts of the world by combining ecotourism with volunteer work in the area. 


Represented by:


Mr. Rufus R. Lugard, President of Teeifuka in Holland



Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Winette Adipi, Address: 226 Brookhaven Court Acworth, GA 30102; T: +16785740886; E: jeekenn@bellsouth.net




Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Patricia Adipi, Address: 4520 BlackHills Dr. Acworth GA, 30101; T: +17709753859; E: patikake@bellsouth.net


and gave them the complete rights on behalf they attain all organizational and legal help operations within the limits of the United States of America commit the objectives of this organization. With this agreement the establishment of Teeifuka USA, has become a fact and the aforesaid people can participate in: activities developed in the field of fund recruitment, strengthening of the organization, knowledge transfer concerning the situation, culture and history of the Saamaka population in upper Surinam and stimulation of exchange between the Saamaka tribe and the American population. Teeifuka USA has established to 226 Brookhaven Court Acworth, GA 30102; T: +16785740886


 agreed in Acworth, Georgia, USA, July 30, 2009.


                         Teeifuka United States of America                                                     Teeifuka the Netherlands and Teeifuka Surinam


                                   Kenneth Adipi and Glenn Adipi                                                         Rufus, R. Lugard - President Teeifuka the Netherlands 




Mission - Teeifuka wants to improve the living circumstances of the occupants of upper Surinam.


Vision - Teeifuka wants to be an equal and reliable partner for the inhabitants of upper Surinam. They do this by translating their needs and wishes into durable, recognizable and futuristic development projects. These projects can be used effectively for the improvement of the living circumstances of the occupants of upper Surinam.


Projects and activities executed or in execution

All projects and activities are implemented in Surinam at the place where the Saamaka tribe lives to the upper reaches of the Surinam river. This area is in the Amazon Forest. The Maroons exists in the villages between Duwata up to the Sinthea waterfall and they live in an area with more than 35,000 people, divided into 60 full rural communities with an average of 500 to 1000 people. In the Netherlands Teeifuka cooperates with several primary schools, with financing organizations and companies, other individual persons and we participate in the coordinating Maroon organization in the Netherlands, SaMON (www.samon.info). Teeifuka further works with individuals in an exchange program Holland-Suriname. The people from Holland visit the work area by means of our foundation and at the same time they do something for the people there through our projects and activities in the context of our project “eco-tourism for development work”.


Because of all the activities taken place in Surinam, they have been coordinated in such way that a logical line has arisen from the project ideas in upper Surinam, translating the project ideas to a project proposal and the project subsidy route in the Netherlands to the implementation and exploitation of the plans in Surinam.  In the Netherlands we are working on the project description after agreement is reached with the local population in Suriname concerning the projects that we perform.


Teeifuka recruits funds in the Netherlands and the funds are transferred to Suriname. After that, Teeifuka Holland and Teeifuka Surinam consider the action plan and at that moment Teeifuka Surinam can start with the implementation. Teeifuka Suriname rappelled the implementation step by step. With the reporting of Teeifuka Suriname, Teeifuka Holland can make a final report with the financial statement for the donors in the Netherlands.


Teeifuka Holland is part of the Maroon Cooperating Organizations in the Netherlands, SaMON and in 2008 and 2009, Teeifuka helped organize the Maroons Participation and Integration Day and the Memorial and celebration Day of the Maroons of Surinam.


Implementing regular development projects in the upper Suriname area since 2003.


The activities of Teeifuka are concentrated in the villages of New Aurora, Tyaikonde and Guyaba.


The following activities:

The construction of a learning center for educational, social and recreational activities; the establishment of an early school and preschool in New Aurora for over 60 children from 2.5 to 6 year on year basis from 2006; setting up a workshop where materials are processed for the local housing program; the construction of example for more housing within the framework of a house construction program which has been set up for stimulate living in the inland country; stay possibilities to create for people who go within the framework of the program ecotourism for development work to the area; there are a lot of trainings and education organized for the employees of our foundation in the area in the past 5 years and collecting school furniture and other school material, used article and educational material, medical article, computers and terminal equipment.


Maroons students in Paramaribo have been helped to computers and people in the inland country have been helped to use objects and the schools in new Aurora and Guyaba have received school furniture and other school required present.

In 5 years time, 8 aid goods consignments have gone to Surinam in containers of minimal 20 ft.

Teeifuka is one of the initiators of the association of Maroon organizations cooperating in the Netherlands, SaMON, (www.samon.info). These network organisations exist now from 16 Dutch Maroon organizations. Teeifuka cooperates closely with the other member organizations. Furthermore with the Zeister Zendingsgenootschap, ZZg (www.zzg.nl), Cordaid Holland (www.cordaid.nl) and Rotary Harderwijk (www.rotary.nl/harderwijk) it is cooperated. In Surinam it is cooperated with the association of chairmen of the Saamaka villages (VSG) and with the rural governing boards of the most of villages in the work area. Furthermore they work together with women organizations and young people organizations in the villages.

Furthermore the suggesting head of the Saamaka, Gaama Belfon supports the activities of our foundation in its area.

With the association of Saamaka chairmen of the villages in the area, (VSG) are contact within the framework of the implementation of the deed, of Inter- the American court in the advantage of the Saamaka people against the Surinamese government.  


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