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Schoolvoedselprogramma op de buitenschoolse opvang in Nieuw Aurora - 24-10-2006


Waitimai (Margot Feller) bericht ons per e-mail en geeft ook een interview


(Listen here to the phonecall with Waitimai)


Van: Margot F
Verzonden: vrijdag 20 oktober 2006 17:02
Onderwerp: RE:




I have attached to this email the names and birthdays of all of the kids in preschool in an excel file.  We have divided the children into three groups based on age.  I am so excited about how the school is going this year.  The women are taking more initiative in teaching their assigned kids.  Inca, the women from Gunsi, has also stepped up her presence at the preschool.  Not having her own group of kids to teach puts her in more of a supervisory role.  She helps the women with their group when she sees a need.  She has also been very helpful in providing different activities for the teachers to do with the kids.  One day Inca put on a puppet show for the kids which went over very well.


I am just really really excited about this school year with the preschool.  The school is running so much better than last year.  I have been very very impressed with the women’s dedication to teaching.  When I go to visit some of the women at their houses I actually see them doing prep work for the next day of school.


There are a few obstacles that the preschool faces.  Having over 60 kids in the Teeifuka facility has its obstacles.  I have been encouraging the teachers to take their group to different locations such as on the plane field or under a tree to work with the kids.  Having three separate classes going on in the same room is just not very conducive to learning.  As I am sure you know Teeifuka is very warm.  Edi put in two windows that open put I would have to say that their affect on the heat in the building is minimal.


With the number of teachers and students now going to teeifuka preschool the not only are the current tables and chairs way too big for the children (as is evident by the number of kids falling out of their chairs) but there are not enough chairs and table space for everyone.


I took some video and pictures of the school.  I had burned a CD with pictures for Trude but was unable to get it to her before she left for the Netherlands.  I will add the current pictures and videos to the previous collection and give it to either Muyra or Eddy.


I will be in town until Friday October 27th for my Routine Peace Corps Medical checkup.  It would be great if we could set up a time to talk on the phone.  While you are free to call me at anytime on my cell phone, the cell phone is old and reception is very poor.  It would be better if you say what time you will call and then call me at the Peace Corps Office.


Thank you for supporting the preschool in TuTu.



Margaret Feller
Peace Corps Suriname

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